Daily Life: The Dark and Twisty

Nothing compares to the heartache and emptiness that fills my soul since the day I lost you almost three years ago. You  were and always will be the closest thing I had to a sister. Losing you single-handedly made paralysis recovery look easy in comparison to everything I have experienced over the last three years. Not a day has gone by where there isn’t something I wish I could tell you, I hope that you somehow hear what I’m saying when I’m barely holding on and shouting it out to the “heavens”.

You were the first girl to break my heart and that was just from your absence and believe me you were worth the years of tears and eternal emptiness baby girl. I miss our fights, our chats, and most of all that eternal friendship we had since we were kids. I hope that you have somehow seen the tribal tattoo on my chest over my heart right where you’ll always be. I wish you were here to share each one of the ups and downs of the last three years with me because I know how proud you would be of the person I have become.

Physically gone, but always in my heart,



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