Just Take A Minute

via Daily Prompt: Pause

Being adults there is always something that needs our attention, but sometimes we need to take a minute or even a day to relax and recoup before getting to the task. Despite being on writecation the only thing I wrote was a blog post. Today was spent doing some rest and recovery. I fully intended to write today, but that just wasn’t how the day panned out.

I started off by meditating on my deck in the warm morning sun, which was wonderful, with the gloomy winter we had I imagine I’ll try to spend more days in the sunshine this year and be less of a vampire. Then I had this random craving for chocolate chip cookies so I headed inside and did some baking, Which was fun and easy. It felt weird baking as I haven’t done that much of it since the stroke, but I used to bake something every weekend as a kid growing up so there was a little nostalgia. Then I had a few hour solo dance party as I always do when I’m ¬†home alone. Today I noticed that my left side is continuing to normalize as I was almost dancing like I used to.

Then to continue the week’s theme of daily naps I slept away a couple of hours this afternoon. I feel like today was a sucess as I maintained a calm and tranquil state all day and didn’t manage to annoy a house mate haha. I’m starting to think that I should take a day a week to relax and regroup like I did today.




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