Life On Your Terms

We are all individual people that each live differently to make things work for you. For example some people love having roommates they interact with daily and some would rather not have to see their roommates so often. Just in case you are unsure I’m much more the second option unless I have a fantastic roommate. I’m at my best when I don’t have to see the people I live with more than every second day which made the first roommate situation I had the best I only ever saw that roommate every twenty-four hours.

I have only had the place to myself for a few hours and I’m just enjoying the peaceful silence. It’s fairly grounding when the only things I can hear are the clicks of my keyboard and the rain on the ground outside my window. Normally I would have music going and a bit of a solo dance party, but I have no desire to disturb this moment of peace as long as it lasts. This staycation has been very good for me already, the next with days and another eleven days after this with only a day in between where I get to see people I feel like I will get a lot of cathartic me time during this month.

With family going away for at least a weekend each month the rest of spring and summer this year should be great. The months when they aren’t doing anything are the months where I will try to go on the two trips I hope to make this year. If I can make the happen they will both be domestic travel, but one back to where I felt home and one to explore and expand my horizons. When I said at the beginning of the year that 2017 was going to be my year, I was right.

Hope you guys have a great weekend,



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