I Got A Head Start

This morning I woke up a little too motivated to just spend another day resting up before diving into my current project. between plotting it out and starting to move forward with the draft it was a nine-hour day here. It didn’t feel like a nine hour day thankfully, it felt more like three or four hours because I dove right into it. I guess I have been feeling a little extra motivation after getting asked to write a guest post and then actually writing it up and seeing even just a short piece I wrote on someone elses blog.

On top of having a great week for writing It’s spring and there’s been a fair bit of rain here, which always leaves me feeling extra centered. Yes I was one of those weirdos that used to go dance in the rain and jump in puddles every time it rained haha. With all that rain I took a nap almost every day this week and it was glorious as I have been sleeping between ten and twelve hours a day in total. I have been sleeping so much that I’m beginning to think I’ve got one last growth spurt coming up or I’ve set into early retirement, just kidding.

I’m a little surprised that  I have been sleeping so much because I’m really excited to not have to cohabitate for most of the month and I usually lose sleep when I’m looking forward to something this much. If the rest of my staycation days are as productive as today I could get a decent chunk of the first book written, and that leaves me extremely hopeful.




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