1 More Day Until Staycation 1 starts

I started counting down the days with seventy-three to go, so to stay the least I’m pretty excited to get to house sit and really get my uninterrupted writing groove on.  While the family is down in Mexico for a wedding I’ll be turning coffee into stories, but this time it will be the start of a non fiction that I may turn into a series.

I might also end up extending my writing session by house sitting for a friend right after my family gets back, so this could end up being between two and three weeks of solo creativity time. Other than locking myself in a room other than for food, coffee and hygiene my last Writecation was in october last year so I’m more than ready for another one. I look forward to music and only seeing people on the days where I want to. It will be nice to schedule my writing interruptions rather than them being a surprise and usually kind of frustrating.

In preparation of at least eight days alone I have burned a bunch of different music into my computer to get the right atmosphere for this next project. This project is the first to give me the freedom to be as dark and twisty as I desire, I coul not be more excited to get more momentum on this project.




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