We All Change

For Better or for worse we all change at various times throughout or lives. As people in an ever changing world I that we need to learn to embrace change instead of resent or fight it. There has been enough change in my life over the last two years that when I walk into a room all these people think they know me, but really they have no clue who I am or what I stand for. For me Moving away and being a “free little bird” was the biggest game changer for me.

When I graduated high school I took a job in central Alberta because I hated where I was at and knew that I needed to leave if I wanted to make change happen. I was in a bigger city where I knew nobody and didn’t know where anything was and it was just what I needed. Getting out of the toxic place I grew up in forced me to find out who I was instead of continuing to try to be what everyone expected of me. I started doing things for fun and taking time to find out where my passions truly were and it was a wake up call. It turned out that I was really just living the life everyone expected of me instead of living for me.

Despite being back in my home town for a bit, It is completely different being back here. With almost a year in Alberta I found me and I grew into who I wanted to be as a person and it’s very different from who I am today. We need change despite being unsure or nervous about it. If I hadn’t gone and done some successful soul-searching and found my people My life would look a lot different from it does today. That in itself makes me happy I left.




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