That Mistake I Never Stop Making

Being an introvert can come with an entire set of problems that extroverts will never understand. Last night I went to a community event to support some friends and was reminded of how introverted I am and how those events aren’t fun sober. I completely remember why I do not go out dancing anymore. On a better note it was nice to run into acquaintances I hadn’t seen  in years.

Only going out once or twice a year I always forget how much I dislike crowded social events where drunk strangers continuously try to grind up on everyone ha ha. I need to remember to decline the invite for a night out dancing next time around. Knowing I could have spent the night working on my next book is definitely the most frustrating part. In the same breath this is also why I don’t usually reach out to make plans with people. I would much rather have a few friends over for dinner and drinks as a more low-key social option. Along the same lines I miss living with a roommate that had cooking dance offs every night to unwind in the evening just the two of us.

Either I do not learn, or I was supposed to be an extrovert because there are a handful of people who I would never say no to a night out with. I love my friends dearly, but from here out I think I’m going to try to put my foot down a little more and break the cycle.




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