Spring Has Sprung

Finally the snow is melting and the breeze is warm as I slowly tune into the chirping of birds in the morning. here’s hoping the roads get clear of ice and snow in the mornings so I can get out and run in the mornings again. This also means I’ve started my spring cleaning time to donate the things that I don’t need or use and throwing out the junk not worth donating.

There is nothing more glorious than that warm spring breeze on my face first thing in the morning. It’s refreshing to feel the change in weather other than the bone incision spot for my surgery three years ago ha ha. I lobe spring because there’s all the happy little birds and the fresh bright colors. Here in the winters it’s either grey, white, or black so there’s not much visual interest for usually four or five months of the year.

The purge felt so good. Most of it was stuff that didn’t come with me when I moved away a couple of years ago so it’s not like I had used it recently. It was really easy to get rid of everything. conveniently I now have more room to display and store the things I kept… who knew. So far this week has been great from organizing and purging to working on that fiction progeny I started a bit ago. I hope you guys are having a great week as well.




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