Find Your Zen

No matter your background or beliefs in a world that is full of turmoil and chaos among so many othe things one needs to have a happy place they can go to. For me I have found over the years that two things can get me to that happy place where I forget about the world around me and just exist for a bit.  These two things are running and meditation. Given that I don’t especially love running indoors and libing in a place that has winter for three to five months a year I needed something else.

I love running for many reasons such as, the endorphin release, the complete tranquility, and being able to completely sort my thoughts. Right now I’m waiting for the roads to be clear of snow so I can get back out there and start running in the mornings again even just a few kilometers before I have to start my day. It is a fantastic feeling being able to sort out your feelings and thoughts before starting the day so that I have a clear and fresh mind. Being a writer and a creator of a few different mediums there are always more ideas than one can actually process at once so I tend to run when I can.

It was last fall after realizing that I had not dealt with any of the trauma I had been through since the stroke including one of my childhood friends being murdered that I started meditating again. After I saw how horrible the world could really be I needed to find amother source of peace or I probably wouldn’t have made it through some darker times. When I maintain a routine of meditating for at least an hour a day it is almost as if I’m in my own happiness bubble where I notice everything that happens, but I’m pretty unaffected by whatever goes on unless it directly affects me. Best of all meditation has majorly reduced my anxiety and depression at the same time.




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