Moving Forward: Editing Etcetera

I love that I finished the manuscript, but now I remember how much I dislike the editing process. For example I would like to not see or hear certain words for quite some time after cutting out a lot of the overuse of the word. Sometimes I get a little too wordy and this edit has mostly consisted of cutting out unnecessary words. etcetera

In an attempt to step up my personal branding before I get published I got a logo made up. Finding a graphic designer with the right style was the only struggle. I’m so happy with how it turned out as the steel finish was exactly what I had envisioned.

AddisonDMarko (1)

Other than editing and revisions I have also been trying to prepare for the photo shoot for the author bio pictures. Getting things here and there to complete the look as well as a haircut so that I look less like someone who has been a hermit mostly writing at home for the last few months haha.

Hope you guys had a great week,



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