A Day In the Life 

This year I seem to have found a perfect daily routine for me that keeps me balanced in all aspects of life when I’m not trying to meet my personal deadlines. From meditation to writing to maintaining a healthy diet I feel like I’ve finally figured out the balance that keeps me balanced. 

I try my best to start off the day with at least forty-five minutes of meditation. I will am it this can lat a couple hours as the longer I meditate the better I feel both physically and mentally. Honestly when I start my day with meditation there’s no need to drink coffee I just do it out of habit.

This is followed by food and hygiene upkeep then I head onto my day. It doesn’t matter if I’m writing at home or going on a writing outing most days I’ll write something. Sometimes I end up taking a day to meet up with friends old or new. I love my friends, but honestly I would rather spend a day writing and being productive opposed to going shopping or hanging out at a mall. I don’t mind grabbing coffee from time to time at all though.

Then I set out to make or consume some of a vegetarian dish I made. My whole life I’ve always been a bit of a foodie so I always look forward to making and experimenting with new foods. After dinner I either go back to writing or grab a book and relax for a bit. To end the day I also do a meditation right before bed to try and increase my chances of sleeping at night.

Recently after taking some time to analyze my dat to day routine I realized that I am living my writing dreams. I get to live freely and do what I want when I want to. I don’t think it gets much better than this.




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