Months 37 and 38 in Recvery

I’m really excited to start by staying these are the first two months not mentioned in my book. Each day I am welcome with small, but noticeable differences. For the most part What I see everyday is the normalization of movements. I’ve also learned that the more miniscule improvements have turned me into an extremely emotional crier. Up until the three-year mark in my recovery this had never happened before.

Apparently I just can’t contain my emotions in regards to my recovery anymore. If it has anything to remotely do with my recovering side no matter the emotion I cry. It can be anything from frustration to excitement or happiness no matter what tears will be shed. Thankfully to my advantage I’m usually alone when this happens, but there were a few times where I couldn’t hold it back while out with friends and I got to experience the pure awkwardness. One of the most comical moments in this period was the day I opened a sealed glass jar with my affected hand and after jumping for joy in my kitchen as I didn’t know I had regained that much grip strength, I cried out of excitement. I’m not sure how I feel about all my daily crying, but I think I’m going to take it at face value and assume my body is just trying to deal with my emotions instead of bottling them up.

I’ve started to more regularly and more automatically do every day activities with my affected side and it has increased my dexterity immensely. Instead of one handed everything I can more accurately say that I get to do everything one and a half handed which is a bit of an understatement.DUring this time I also noticed that during my solo dance parties I am dancing with the full rand and movement of my entire body again. Honestly I don’t think that has happened since my last performance on stage three and a half years ago so to say that I’m impressed would be an understatement.


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