Positive or Negative You Chose

Everything really does come down to perspective. Everything from decisions to your views. You’re stance truly does make a difference on how you see each and every circumstance in life. In most situations there are both a positive and a negative to each situation so why don’t you start looking at that glass half full or drink the beverage and fill the glass with something else or move on. Let me break down the oposite ends of how I could have reacted to my stroke to give you some perspective.

The positive is how I reacted and that got me out of my hospital bed every hour to do exercises for two months before I could head home. I knew that I needed to beat it so I did what I had to do each day even today to get closer to that goal. For me it was a period of my life full of brand new experiences. People say that I shouldn’t have had the surgery, I completely disagree. Yes There have been moments where I regretted it, but I met new people, gained new perspective, abd started living life to the fullest. In my heart I know that the moment I signed my sugical consent papers was the best decision I’ve ever made.

If I had taken a negative stance on my stroke I guarantee you that I would still be in a wheelchair to this day. I never would have walked parallel bars let alone parallel bars in heels. I also never would have lived on my own or experienced the last three years. I never would have got back into jogging and running or jogged fourteen kilometres each day for a few months last summer with my roommate. Seeing my stroke as an experience instead of a life ending catastrophe got me to where abd who I am today as a person. Despite being at the perfect hight to check out nice asses all day I’m very thankful to not be in a wheelchair anymore. 

Cheers 🙂



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