Start with Kindness

Maybe the world would be a better place If everyone actually made an attempt to just be kind to everyone. I’ve noticed a lot of hate in the world lately and It’s disheartening.  I’m getting sick of hearing and seeing people be hateful towards each other.I feel like one aspect of all this hatred starting with social media. After social media got introduced people now assume that they have a right to comment on anything they want. PSA If you have nothing nice to say just keep it to yourself.

With social media and the ability to comment on anything and kids having these accounts before they are even a teenager people have no boundaries and either just don’t care or weren’t raise any better and no longer know when to keep their mouth shut. For example someone posts a picture. do not start fat shaming them or making any other negative comments because it’s not your place. If you happen to be “friends” with this person on social media you should be building them up saying something positive and supportive if anything at all.

It doesn’t even matter a person’s age trolls come in all ages and genders and most of them don’t realize that depending on the extent cyber bullying can land a person in jail. Instead of having social platforms that lead to bullying so severe that people have taken their lives by suicide why not use these platforms to build each other up so we all see a little more kindness in the world. Instead of calling someone ugly say three positive things, This is a tactic a past teacher used in classes when she had an abundance of arrogance in a class and it worked people started talking to one another more respectfully.




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