Find Your Flame 

We all have an internal drive or flame that motivates us to do the things we do no matter your job or industry. Getting to a point where I only have roughly six thousand words left to write into the book has relit my flame. It’s completely normal to go through times in day to day life where that flame is out and you may be unsure as to why you’re doing anything in best suggestion would be to start doing one thing each day that you enjoy until you find something or multiple things that help you feel a sense of fulfillment each day.

Up until last week I found it difficult to get more than two or three parts written in a week, but as soon as I reached the two thirds done point it has become easy to wrote three to five parts in a day. It’s possible I could finish the draft this week and be onto editing which is extremely exciting. Now that I’m so close to being done I’m finding it very difficult to put down my writings and function as a normal human. I’m living off two pots of coffee and food I can heat up or make within ten or fifteen minutes in an attempt to finish my book as soon as possible so I can get to editing.

There have been many periods where I had no flame. I would say the worse two were my last two concussions where I had a migraine for a couple months during both concussions. I was in enough pain I found it difficult to think let alone function. Thankfully I’ve healed and am not dealing with that anymore.

I really mean it when I say start doing one thing you love each day you will find new joys abs old joys in life. If you really truly enjoy the activities you choose I bet that you will start to feel better and you will likily be inspired to push through and continue those things or start new ones. I thoroughly enjoy weeks where I work on getting back to basics because for me they usually include a lot of meditation, fitness and of course writing.

Cheers , 



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