Focus On The End Goal

Staying focused on the smaller tasks that step by step get you closer to any goal can be difficul for multiple reasons. In writing I always struggle to see that im making any progress until about half way through the project no matter the size. A big part of staying focused based on how much rest you’re getting, so also remember to try to get adequate rest whether thats at night or during the day.

There have been countless moments while writing my book that I’ve thought, “screw it, I’ll just be a stripper”. In these moments I try to focus on why I’m writing the book in the first place. No matter how tempted I am to throw in the towel remembering the reason why I’m doing it is usually enough to focus on the task at hand. Even recovering from a stroke I didn’t notice how much I had healed until thirty-three months after the stroke and then  went all gung-ho in physiotherapy.

to all the makers, creators, artists, and writers put down the coffee and get some sleep. It truly just isn’t healthy to stay up for multiple days straight working on a piece. When the inspiration and drive start to decrease because you’re tired instead of grabbing more caffeine maybe just head to bed and get some rest.  I promise that you’ll feel better after a night of rest than you do riding out a caffeine high. yes you would probably have to change when you work on projects, but it’s worth it.

Honestly when I started my book I didn’t think that I would get as far on the book as I have in three months let alone only having a quarter to write so I’m glad I found my end goal and have been very focused on it. I don’t care what it is just find one thing that motivates you to follow through And Complete your projects


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