28 Down 8 to Go

With under ten sections to cover in the book I can safely say the finish line of this draft is in sight. as a matter of fact it is so close I can taste it… or is that just the writers fifth food group coffee? There have been many ups and downs in writing this draft, but i would say it’s coming along very well. I was even able to sit down and draft five more chapters  today.

I’m so glad that as part of my writing process I write each part out by hand to start then edit each part as I type it up. I’m very happy that this will make the first edit much easier than If I had just typed it all up and not written any of it out by hand. Two pots of coffee and ten hours later I’m pretty much done in and am looking forward to a few hours of sleep.

I think I can safely say that by the end of the month i should be doing the first full edit and round of revisions. I am eager to further refine the manuscript and see where this all goes. I don’t think other people would look forward to editing their work word by word, but I think this self inflicted suffering is a common writer thing. It’s like a bad habit and writing is the addiction.

Cheers 🙂



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