1 More Day Until Staycation 1 starts

I started counting down the days with seventy-three to go, so to stay the least I’m pretty excited to get to house sit and really get my uninterrupted writing groove on.  While the family is down in Mexico for a wedding I’ll be turning coffee into stories, but this time it will be the start of a non fiction that I may turn into a series.

I might also end up extending my writing session by house sitting for a friend right after my family gets back, so this could end up being between two and three weeks of solo creativity time. Other than locking myself in a room other than for food, coffee and hygiene my last Writecation was in october last year so I’m more than ready for another one. I look forward to music and only seeing people on the days where I want to. It will be nice to schedule my writing interruptions rather than them being a surprise and usually kind of frustrating.

In preparation of at least eight days alone I have burned a bunch of different music into my computer to get the right atmosphere for this next project. This project is the first to give me the freedom to be as dark and twisty as I desire, I coul not be more excited to get more momentum on this project.




After Self Love

After you start Unconditionally loving yourself there will be some pretty major changes in how ou live life as well as the prospective you see things from. In your journey of self-love you will likely start embracing and working towards your true self because you start to believe in who you are as a person and will realise that you are better of to be unique than another “sheep”. After finding self love and embracing it you may also start to unconditionally love everything and everyone around you while supporting and even embracing everyone’s individual path.

After realizing how much I loved who I was becoming as a person I  started working on listening to my body and it’s needs when taking things one day at a time.  Living in the moment instead of the past or the future is a really beautiful thing, it has resulted in feeling about fifty times better than I did living life in the fast lane more on par with society’s views. I’m a firm believer in getting back what you put out into the world and that’s why I do my best to live out each moment with loving intentions.

If I had  done this weeks photo shoot five months ago it would have had an entire different feel as I was not yet at a place of self-love, instead I was at the beginning of an enlightening and fulfilling journey. I bet if someone was able to meet me now and five months ago they would see a completely different person as that is how much self love changed my whole life.



Relaxing But Productive Days

Yesterday was one of those days where I was done everything for the day by lunch time. Got in touch with my awesome photographer and set up a shoot for my pics tomorrow as we had originally talked about. this morning I even went and got most of my running around done for the next couple weeks as I’m gearing up for a writing staycation starting april first.

This year after realising how much my time is worth i have made a serious attempt in being more efficient. Despite not feeling the greatest this morning and not wanting to do anything because I had been wide awake since three in the morning I decided it was running around day. There was no way I was going to work on my writing so why not get the things that prevent me from writing out-of-the-way so that the back half of my week can be more efficient.

The change in how I spend my time started when I started to realize how unimportant so many things that I did were. All those things that were wasting my time were also the ones that too away from the fire like drive I usually maintain.  I then started to live my life in a way that I was working step by step each day towards my goals that I found meaning in everyday life again. If you have to live your life a certain way to keep specific friends they truly are not your friends so people stop wearing that mask and start living for you as it is your life.

We All Change

For Better or for worse we all change at various times throughout or lives. As people in an ever changing world I that we need to learn to embrace change instead of resent or fight it. There has been enough change in my life over the last two years that when I walk into a room all these people think they know me, but really they have no clue who I am or what I stand for. For me Moving away and being a “free little bird” was the biggest game changer for me.

When I graduated high school I took a job in central Alberta because I hated where I was at and knew that I needed to leave if I wanted to make change happen. I was in a bigger city where I knew nobody and didn’t know where anything was and it was just what I needed. Getting out of the toxic place I grew up in forced me to find out who I was instead of continuing to try to be what everyone expected of me. I started doing things for fun and taking time to find out where my passions truly were and it was a wake up call. It turned out that I was really just living the life everyone expected of me instead of living for me.

Despite being back in my home town for a bit, It is completely different being back here. With almost a year in Alberta I found me and I grew into who I wanted to be as a person and it’s very different from who I am today. We need change despite being unsure or nervous about it. If I hadn’t gone and done some successful soul-searching and found my people My life would look a lot different from it does today. That in itself makes me happy I left.



That Mistake I Never Stop Making

Being an introvert can come with an entire set of problems that extroverts will never understand. Last night I went to a community event to support some friends and was reminded of how introverted I am and how those events aren’t fun sober. I completely remember why I do not go out dancing anymore. On a better note it was nice to run into acquaintances I hadn’t seen  in years.

Only going out once or twice a year I always forget how much I dislike crowded social events where drunk strangers continuously try to grind up on everyone ha ha. I need to remember to decline the invite for a night out dancing next time around. Knowing I could have spent the night working on my next book is definitely the most frustrating part. In the same breath this is also why I don’t usually reach out to make plans with people. I would much rather have a few friends over for dinner and drinks as a more low-key social option. Along the same lines I miss living with a roommate that had cooking dance offs every night to unwind in the evening just the two of us.

Either I do not learn, or I was supposed to be an extrovert because there are a handful of people who I would never say no to a night out with. I love my friends dearly, but from here out I think I’m going to try to put my foot down a little more and break the cycle.



My Favourite Blogs

Since starting this blog last year I’ve found four blogs that are my favourite when I need relatable content to get my “groove” back below are links to each one of them. If you don’t already follow these awesome bloggers go check them out.

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