Staying Inspired 

Whether it’s writing or art staying Inspired to create things can get difficult at times. This can happen for a variety of reasons from not feeling one hundred percent to having personal issues or being stuck with a hefty dose of writers block below are a list of things I do to keep a creative mind set abd in turn complete projects faster. 

  1. Music to match the mood
  2. Observation 
  3. Being  active 

I have playlist I’ve made for most of the moods to write or create things, but if I don’t have what I need I hit up a free music service and head to the mood section and find something that fits. Even if it takes a bit I can always find a playlist that gets the creativity flowing. Like when writing non fiction I seem to lean towards artist with powerhouse female vocalists.

When I say observation I mean go for a walk or head over to a favorite thinking spot and observe everything with each of your senses. You will see, hear, smell, and maybe even taste and touch everything a little bit differently when trying to take it all in piece by piece. Going and observing things is one of my favorite ways to get motivated about a project.

Personally going for a run is a great way to find motivation because not only do I feel amazing afterwards, but during the run my mind is crystal clear.  I can let the project plan I self out in my mind before I go to work on the project. I would love it if our snow would go away so I could go jog or run outside in the mornings before getting going. 


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