Creative Weekends

Normally I try to take the weekend off but end up trying to brainstorm for the next chapter. This weekend i made an exception and dove into a creative writing project. After a few weeks of playing the scenes through my head I figured it was time to put pen to paper and work out the kinks. It was such a relief to get my mind off my non fiction book for just a couple of days while still continuing to write.

Normally I lock myself in my room during the weekends and only leave for food and hygienic reasons. Sometimes I split up my writing sessions with meditation, but If I continue to work on my non fiction I am completely exhausted by sunday night and end up taking monday off completely as a rest day. That scenario is what lead me to start putting more effort into my creative writing project. At least in my current non fic. I end up reliving the wost situations that aren’t even getting written into the novel in my head on repeat. After a weekend of wracking my brain with those situations of course a person would feel emotionally exhausted.

Taking my weekend to work on something creative instead of something more serious was a great way for me to relax and let the creativity flow. Honestly this weekend was very Cathartic and has left me very excited for both of the books I’m currently working on. I don’t think I’ve ever been this excited to write about my stroke recovery. Here’s hoping this enthusiasm continues into tomorrow and I’m able to make some great progress in my non fiction,  a chapter or two would be ideal. I’m also amazed by how great it feels to have little to no emotional connection to the creative one. I’ve been typing for hours uninterrupted and feel like I could go on for days.

Hope you all had a great weekend too,



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