As One Gets Closer

The further you go and the closer you get to a goal you will start to feel better and better. that goal for any goal whether it’s health, fitness, life, or work related. The bigger the goal the better it will feel as well.

For example as the months went by and I saw greater progress recovering from paralysis each month it got more and more exciting when I noticed progress because I was getting exponentially closer to reaching a full recovery as time went on. Now as I sit here I’m at the final stages in my recovery where i am working out the final kinks there isn’t too much for major advancements because i have experienced them already.

Theres also one of the few books I’m writing that gets most of my attention as of late. I was never excited about this book until I got the first quarter of the draft written up. After that point with every chapter I get more and more excited about this book in particular. This is probably because I am getting to write about the more awesome and more interesting things in the book because the first bit mostly just brought up things that I have no desire remembering in the first place.

Then there is the part where my vision recovery that is accompanied by pain worse than the chronic migraines I already get a few times a month. It’s a very specific crippling pain that is exciting because once it goes away more of my vision loss is recovered in one way or another whether there is more visual field or there is more clarity.

No matter what your goals are as you get closer and closer to them you will get more and more excited. I hope that you never walk away from a goal or dream because of the amount of time it will take to accomplish it because you’re going to be alive and need something to do so fill the void and start working towards your goals people.



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