Writing Successes

When writing I try to focus on the progress made at each step of the way, but right now I have to admit the I’m excited to be able to say that the first part of the first draft of the book I have the first of the three years that the book covers written out. I was supposed to take this weekend off to just relax and de-stress, but somehow I ended up catching up on typing and started the second part of the book.

In just over a month I got three times as much of the book rewritten as I did in my first attempt at this book. Now it also seems that I’m passed most of the emotional hurdles that I crossed during this process. I’m also very excited to start getting into the second year of my stroke recovery because It was more interesting and had quite a few more adventures. I never imagined that I would consistently be writing three or more chapters of my book each week. This last week I happened to write and type up the draft of five chapters of the book. I love how it is progressing and anticipate that I will be done the full draft ready to do a complete edit and any revisions by mid spring.

Writing this book has taught me the importance of write first edit later. there is nothing I have found to be more of a pain in the butt than trying to edit as I write. I have also learned to recognize that I have had a lot of experiences in my years here and that it is ok to not feel great about these things from time to time as long as I remain positive during a majority of the time.

Cheers 🙂



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