Healing a Butchered Optic Nerve 

The most dreaded and most painful part of recovering from brain surgery continues to be my optic nerve. If you can avoid brain surgery avoid it there’s lots of risks and possible complications thankfully I lucked out with ones I can recover from. Over half of the migraines that I get are a result of me trying to retrain my eyes to do things propperly. Some of those things include :

  • Reading quickly 
  • Reading a large book in a couple hours
  • Reading without turning your head 
  • Being able to see a large area without turning your head 
  • Not walking into doorframes
  • Not walking into cement pillars at work 

Sometimes while checking my blind spots frequently in public I feel as if I look perranoid because I don’t seem blind, I  rarely even use my cane. Most people don’t know that I’m legally blind by looking at me, I’ve even had coworkers  that never noticed even being around me 40 hours a week. Having these blind spots also has a great advantage I can turn a blind eye to people or things that I don’t want to look at just by tuning my head 5to 20 degrees. It’s practically a super power I do it all the time.

Cheers 🙂



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