So Far So Good

Near the end of last year I decided that 2017 was going to be my year, no matter what happened it was going to be a great year for me. Just as I hoped everything is going great in all areas. I’ve continued to slowly increase my dexterity in my affected side as well as my eyes are improving. I’ve also been making great progress with my book. I have also felt in incredible relief since disowning part of my family over a month ago which has contributed greatly to my internal joy.

Honestly writing a book about my stroke recovery journey was both a great and horrible idea. I know it will be awesome once I’m done, but the writing process has brought up emotions I didn’t know I could have. This alone has blindsided me a couple of times, but once I get past the emotion I feel a lot lighter each time. apparently I didn’t properly deal with much of the stuff that happened during the last three years.  It can make writing a chapter take significantly longer than it should, but It truly is worth every second no matter the memories and flashbacks. It’s quite odd to be reliving the whole thing from a slightly different angle It feels a little different the second time around.

In the last month my fine motor skills have slowly becoming more and more “normal” which continues to amaze and amuse me but that’s not it. My eyes have been recovering aswell. In this case the cloudy parts are becoming clearly and I’m getting my reading skills back up. I can scan an entire page of a book without moving my head which I haven’t been able to do for three years now. As it sits right now overall every day gets better.

I hope you guys are all doing great,



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