Believe In Yourself

There’s so much self-doubt in the world today from being horrible to each other. Whether it’s in person or any other form such as social media It seems like people are always trying to break others down. No matter what you’ve endured in life I hope that you still love yourself enough to go out and accomplish your goals and chase those dreams. I can guarantee that If you don’t believe in  yourself its highly unlikely than anyone else will either. Take the time to both hone your skill or craft and get out there and do it.

Instead of letting people tell you what you can and cannot do decide that you can do that thing. If you start believing in yourself those thoughts turn into actions and then eventually all those positive thoughts of believing in yourself will come into action. It doesn’t even matter what it is, It could be anything from mastering a certain style of art or getting a degree, or even starting your own business.

There were many things in life that I never thought I would accomplish, but I believed in the process and took it day by day until I got there. I never thought that I would be this far along in my stroke recovery in just three years, I never thought I would be training for pole fitness again at all, but I do that too. I wasn’t sure I would make it through the darkest period of grieving one of my favourite people’s death, but I had hope and made it through that to.  Doctors said I wouldn’t walk again unaided or regain any of my peripheral vision, I did some reasearch on neuroplasty and I got to work because I wanted both of those back.

Please believe in yourself,



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