Be Your Own Priority 

The longest relationship you’re going to have is the one you have with yourself so you better make it last. It’s great to help out others whenever you, but you need to male sure that you’re meeting your needs as well. Being one of my top priorities has significantly changed the way I view most things in life. The biggest one is the way I view being single.

Embrace it when you need to take time for yourself. Be mindful and notice when your body tells you to take a step back and get centered. One of the biggest things I’ve learned from taking a step back is that when you take a step back people might get a little pissed off. Every year for the past three years I’ve stepped away from more and more in the community to the point where i currently have very little community involvement at all. year I have set time aside each day just to meditate because that’s one thing that keeps me the most balanced other than exercise. 

I’ve stepped back from all forms of activism and involvement and suddenly my life is basically stress free and I can almost sleep every night at a regular time. I miss helping with the events and the stage, but the next time I’m involved in the community where I live it will likely be more directly with a charity, I want to see a lot of changes n the world abd eventually I’ll be out there trying to make that happen.

Making myself a top priority changed the way I see being single, I used to hate being single never wanting to be alone and now feel just the opposite. Now I love being single, I love never second guessing what I’m doing or how the person I’m woth may be feeling. After my last breakup I realized how much I love being by myself completely alone. Yes one day I hope to be married and adopt kids, but right now I’m great being single. While half my friends are out getting hitched I’ll be at home just trying to fix my fine motor skills so I can do everything I used to and more. 




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