Finding yourself

There are going to be times in life where you get a little lost or you feel like part of your soul is missing, I’m sorry it just happens. It can also happen for a number of reasons and in the last three years I have gone through a few of them.

The First time I lost myself was during my hospital stay after the stroke:I couldn’t move half my body, My peripheral vision was gone and My whole life had changed. I’m not going to lie each one of those things scared me deep into my core once they took me off the pain meds. With pessimistic doctors breathing down my neck all day there were even points were I questioned what kind of life I would be living If I didn’t recover anymore. After being an emotional wreck every night when no one was around for a week or two. I was really afraid I would never live out any of my dreams and life goals. There was also a big fear of mine that this would break me and I would stop recovering. One night while over thinking life I just decided that I was going to kick so stroke recovery ass, there was nothing that could really stop me from kicking major butt in each of my sessions.

The second time would be when I moved to another province after high school and had to figure out what I wanted  from life, When I graduated I got a job in what I thought I wanted to do for a career and I absolutely hated It. I was into the artistry side of cosmetic but not the salesman aspect of the industry. I was good at making sales, but i’m not meant to be in sales. I would much rather sell someone the right product without up selling them.

the Third time It was trying to figure out what to major in after hating my second choice . This brought me to a point where I took a semester off, then took an english course for fun and decided through some soul-searching free writes that I needed to go back to one of the other things I was good at: English,psychology, or some form of art. Somehow that lead me to starting a new blog, and currently  writing a couple of books, I feel like with all my recent changes and the relatively upward curve I’m seeing I feel like I’m found again. for the first time in years I feel like I might actually know what’s going on.


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