Time For Change?

Yesterday I spent the day trying to figure out what needed to change in my daily and weekly routine to occupy the days where I don’t feel like writing non-fiction, but still feel like writing. This week I got a little frustrated with the jacket so I’m putting sewing off until I’ve got a clear mind, which doesn’t happen often. By the end of the night I came up woth a solution that I feel pretty good about for the time being.

There are a few different stories I’ve wanted to write out that are fiction. On days were I’m just not into writing the book about my stroke I’m going to start working on other writing endeavors. Being the nerd that I am I’m pretty stoked to start exercising my creative writing skills again. I used to write short stories all th time but haven’t done it in years so this could be a little rusty at the start. 

This weekend I also spent lots of time meditating. I’ve been off all last week so I was trying to fix that so I feel less blah this week. Me time has to increase from time to time to stay balanced.  Tomorrow might be a great day to grab coffee and people watch if it’s still nice and warm here.  I feel good about where I’m at in life right now. 

How was your weekend?



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