Shifting Into Drive 

The last few days have been insanely productive and I couldn’t feel better about it. Yes I know I didn’t do a month 36 recap as I should have, but I’m over it. This week I’m really thankful that I started this blog and get to interact with all of you. Every day seems to be a step in the right direction. There’s also been ample alone time and several solo dance parties so I am having a great week even with a lack of sleep. 

Once today is over I will have written the 5th chapter of the book and the combined chapter representing both the 6th and seventh parts. I’m on a role in distracted environments. Right now I actually feel like I could have the first draft done this year. Writing by hand and seeing a daily improvement in my hand has also helped the process. It feels great going through everything I need to write out abd not getting choked up so I may have to stick to this distracted method of writing for a while. It’s going great and that makes me want to not change anything about it.

The international friendships I’ve gained through starting this blog make me wish that I had started it a heck of a lot sooner. Reading your posts and chatting with you guys really feeds my soul. Thank you for keeping me sane while trying to write this book which at times has seemed mind boggling. I just hope that once I’m traveling again I hope I get to meet a lot of you. I also wish that the love I see between the WordPress community was the same as what I see outside on day to day life.

Each day I get up and figure out what I need to have a great day sometimes that’s weights or jogging but today that was a solo dance party with noise cancelling headphones because one of my house mates is on night shift. There’s this strange yet wonderful feeling about embracing my inner stripper with loud music. Takes me from a 6 from not being a morning person to a full 10 pretty fast. Knowing what can fix my day at any time has definitely helped me take full control of my life. Being me is my favorite thing about being single I can be silly and just do life instead of trying to make sure someone else’s needs are alays met. 

How was your day?



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