First day back 

Like usual the first day always feels pretty great especially after two weels away from the book. I started off my lifting weights after drinking three very full cups of coffee just to get pumped up for the day and it felt pretty darn great too. Today was my first day back at writing the book and thanks to modifying my method a little it was fairly productive. Then I ended by hanging out with one of my best friends for a few hours just catching up on life over the last few weeks. All in all today was a great day because I’m chosing to ignore the bad things that happened.

Getting back into the book I’m trying a slightly different approach in an attempt to get a ltitle or a lot less emotional. Instead of heading to a quite place with the 0erfect writing playlist I decided to take a slightly more distracted approach. I sat in the loudest area of my house with loud noises and a person that slams a lot of doors. It was not a smooth writing session but I was able to just get out the facts without getting teary eyed. I also wrote about half of it with my affected side instead of my dominant side. Writing by hand for a few hours was a great way to incorporate occupational therapy into daily life. I feel like my body is almost fully recovered with just a few kinks to work out.

It was also great to get caught up woth one of my best friends. Now that both of us have things happening in life we try to squeeze in a weekly visit, but this month that hasn’t really happened so today was very needed. When we connect it’s like nothing had changed crude jokes and belly laughs are pretty much the foundation of our friendship and I’m glad that even when I lived eight hors away we were able to maintain our friendship. It’s nice to just relax and ignore everything else that’s going on in life for a while.


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