Something Bitter Sweet

Tomorrow  is  January 21st, 2017 and it  marks the 3rd anniversary of my last brain surgery and the stroke resulting in a left side hemiplegia. Tomorrow is one of those days that I’m both very proud and sort of mourning the event like someone died. I’m most likily filled with mixed emotions on this day because I’ve never seen it as the catastrophic life ruining event that the people around me feel it is. Yes it was an unfortunate thing to happen, but lots of good came out of it. below I’ll be attempting to emphasize more of the positives than negatives to better understand where I stand on this.

With the stroke I got to see the entire world from a new perspective and not just because it started out in a wheelchair. I learned to not plan everything out and to just go with the flow living in the moment. People say that it stole a couple years of experiences from me. I disagree with this one the most because it just forced me to grow up a little faster than the other people my age. It definitely changed the things I experienced while recovering, but in no way did it take anything away from me. Even the blind spots have come in handy in multiple situations and I will probably miss them once they are healed up.

I love being able to turn my head just a few degrees and not have to see something that I didn’t want to see. As my optic nerve is healing I’m losing this skill and I don’t know how I feel about it yet. I also lover that I’m very close to a full recovery and not once in the last three years did I give up on this process. The stroke showed me a level of perseverance that I didn’t even know I had. Three years of toughing out every day and I stuck with it. I’m mostly just proud of myself and I’m leaving more in depth issues for you guys to read about once I get the book finished and publushed. 




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