A Successful Staycation 

As you probably know I’ve been not working on the book for a full week now. This week has been awesome mostly because I started sleeping again. This week has been full of a few things: drawing, meditation, sleep, and physio. I may not have left town and gone somewhere tropical, but it has been full of R&R.

Art is one of the biguest ways I deal with any of my struggles.more specifically drawing  Is an easy and affective way for me to put pen to paper and illustrate the thoughts or situations that I don’t have words for. It’s a definitely an added bonus that my hand has recovered enough that I can do all of my drawing abd sketching wit my eft so it also ends up doubling as therapy. Knowing that there is both light abd dark sides to all things in life, when I draw I just go with it no matter how dark and dreary or light and airy it may get. 

This past week I’ve made an effort in making sure that I meditated daily to maintain a calm peaceful state during this period. This really helped make this week such a success for me. It caused my stress levels to drop and all of a sudden my affected side is no longer clenched and locked up all the time. In fact it’s been open and willing to move about 95 percent of the time. Just as I intended this week has made it possible to celebrate the anniversary of my stroke this coming Saturday.

These past few weeks the amount of sleep I’ve been getting had quickly withered to an hour or two a night. I was happy and doing well, but slightly agitated most of the time so I needed to start sleeping again. Writing a book about the recovery progress  at the same time as basically grieving the event is not a great idea. I brought up events I didn’t know I needed to process and it was just too much to deal with at once.

I’ve done so much work with my hand this week that I’m automatically doing a lot of things with my left side. Every time this happens I’m really surprised that it’s happening without me actively trying to get my nerves to fire properly. Just as I’ve said for the last year im pretty sure at this rate I will make my full recovery this year.

Until next time,



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