Being On Hiatus 

These last few days have been so relaxed and productive in other areas of life that I’ve decided to continue to leave the book untouched until after the 3rd anniversary of the surgery next weekend. I’ve been drawing, cooking, sewing, and doing lots of physio. I’ve even enjoyed a couple mindless Netflix marathons to get caught up in my favourite series. 

Even just leaving the book for a few days I can see abd think clearly once again. The biggest reason I’m leaving it until after the anniversary is because this year instead of mourning the day I’m trying to celebrate the day that changed my life for the better. I’ve always been able to see the positive on these days, but they’ve been a sad day normally and that’s not okay with me. An event that enhanced my quality of life shouldn’t make me have a cappy day, it should be embraced so that’s what I’m doing this year and hopefully every year after.

I’ve been doing so much work with my left hand that I’ve started to subconsciously do things with that side instead of my dominant side. Every time I notice it happening I’m a little more mind blown because it shows that I’m that much closer to being fully recovered. There’s even been an increase in the overall strength of my hand which makes  everything even writing and drawing easier. A few hours of physio a day now yields way more progress than a few hours did even just a year ago so I’m assuming I’m on the right track.

I don’t enjoy spending time watching any sort of television or streaming service, but sometimes it’s nice to mindlessly exist. The last few weeks I’ve lost a lot of sleep over not being able to get my mind to shut off. Being the creative person I am I’m always planning my next project or chapter in my head so at times it can be overwhelming. I’ve learned over the last few days that the best time to do any of my physio or fine motor skills stuff is actually watching a show of some sort. The tension is released and I can focus on ge task at hand without being overrun by my own thoughts. I’ve also got back into meditating nightly to keep my mind in check which seems to be helping.
Until next time, 



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