It’s Okay to Have Bad Days

Not only is it OK to have bad days, but sometimes you also need to let yourself have comes with ups and lows we just have to roll with the punches. Like today I was a 7/10 instead of the 10/10 I’ve been for the previous week and a bit. Despite not being on my A Game there was even some awesome hand recovery today, my thumb has become more opposable. It’s been a struggle to get my thumb more mobile that it was from the beginning. It took years to be able to open up my affected hand and actually pick something up without opening it up woth the use of my good hand.

There are days where you aren’t going to feel 100% and it is perfectly normal. Yes we would all like to pretend that life is just an upward line on a graph when more realistically that line we call life is more of a zig zag. There are also endless reasons that you could be off your game. For me today I’m pretty sure that I’m off my game because I haven’t really been sleeping over the last few days. I need to slow down and stop trying to over achieve with my book. I think I need to take a few days to a week off the book and focus on other outlets so I can start getting back to a more regular sleep pattern.

On the upside of being on my B-Game I got some more movement out of my relentlessly stubborn thumb. From the start of this recovery almost three years ago my thumb was the hardest to get to move in any way, shape, or form. This makes improved dexterity in my thumb freaking amazing, even though I don’t feel the greatest. Internally I’m really excited about this, but on the outside I look like I could be dead on the inside. Maybe if I get some more sleep tonight hopefully I’ll see more progress tomorrow. Also if I’m lucky I’ll wake up with a a headache and improved vision, it would be pretty exciting.


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