All About the Little Things

I’m one hundred percent a believer in life being all about the little things, this is part of why  I have been able to have more good days than bad in regards to my stroke recovery as well as the reason I graduated high school. Today was a great day because I have finally started to have some limited, but controlled movement in my toes.  I think I’m on a roll in all aspects of life right now. I also seem to have got back into the best productivity routine for myself.

For me I wasn’t always believer of finding the joys in the little things in life, This change happened shortly after I switched from mainstream to Alternate education. Being in an area where celebrating each of our small wins was the “norm” it quickly became second nature for me. In alt. ed. this is especially important to do because in our case everyone was working on their course load at a different pace.  It was that mentality that helped me complete all my courses two months early after getting roughly a year behind due to the stroke and working 40 hours a week during my grade 12 year.

Today I finally have some controlled movement in my toes and can wiggle them up and down. This is exciting because it has thoroughly improved my gait which has made walking easier. It’s both easier to push off of my toes as well as pulling my whole foot up when taking a step. I can also walk backwards at a fairly quick pace, I don’t know why  that’s exciting so I’ll just roll with it and see what happens.

This week I have also tried to get back into an old routine where I start the day with a pot of coffee and some loud pop/ dance music. Honestly just that one thing has given me energy levels to get through the whole day and be really productive. I have even been able to write a section of content for the book each day so I must be doing something right.

Until next time,



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