Taking Time To Ponder

Since writing what I expect to be the most difficult chapters in the book emotionally, quite a bit has come up. These last couple days I’ve been processing it all in the best way I know how. While attempting to deal with it all I have done my best to maintain a meditative state which has seemed to help immensely. Thankfully there’s normally a memory block that covers these traumatic events, but of coures writting about the specific thing is going to bring it all back to the surface.The last two days have been the most beneficial self care probably in years.

When deep in thought I become the quietest I ever get, and it normally involved a lot of blank faced staring. This time I went with a painting that reminds me of a trip to eaurope eight and a half years ago. Over the last couple days I likily spent over 10 hours staring blankily in the direction of this print. Once I reach the point of zoning out I sort through all the thoughts going through my head one by one feeling the emotion attached to the thought and letting it go. Since starting this last year It’s my favourite thing to do when traumatic memories pop up. I go into a medatative state so deep it’s like a trance no matter what’s going on around me and I can process everything until I’m done.

Doing pretty much nothing other than process and meditate during the last two days I feel amazing again. When you need to use your days off to center yourself and feel better please just go ahead and do it.  Yes there will always be other things you could be doing, but all those tasks will get done faster and be easier after you’re feeling better.

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