Here’s To Phenomenal Writing sessions

Just as I said I was going to I worked on the book last night and apparently last night was the night because I started writing at midnight and all the words were flowing right through my finger tips until 6am. There were definitely times where the emotions towards what I was writng about were over barring, but I pulled through. Sure I’m a little tired from being awake the while night, but thankfully I managed to catch a few hours of sleep from 6am to 9am. I think I may actually have the book back on track for my original full draft completion date.

My Writing session last night was amazing. This is probably partially because the world around me was completely silent and I was able to write out every thought completely uninterrupted. It as a writers dream to get that kind of undisturbed writing time. No texts and no phone calls and no need to be working on anything else at the time. I don’t think I’ve ever had six continuous of uninterupted anything other than sleep a few times. Even writing out the situations that were traumatic with tears running down my face was easier than normal. I was even able to write about how I was bullied for having a temporary physical disability when I returned to school after having the stroke.

Yes There were a couple hours in there filled with tears and a dry heaving cry, but with all of my progress on the book recently I feel like I’m going to meet that personal deadline. Horay I’m no longer stressed to the nines over My book. I feel like I finally dealt with some emotions that I didn’t know was affecting my life as much as it was. This morning I also faced that individual to get the hell out of my life which felt even better I no longer feel guiltily about being treated so shittily. Apparently I’m making this year my year no matter who or what stands in my way, I can face anything.

Until next time, 



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