Another Great Day

Today I really noticed the increase in strength in my back and hip which was awesome because it led to an increase in my overall flexibility. I also spent a few hours practicing both guitar and organ. I think I’m going to spend the rest of the night working on the book. The positivity and euphoria seems to be continuing so I’m still on a joyous cloud nine. 

The increase in strength and flexability  lead to an inpropromtu solo dance party pullin out some moves from my drag performance days. This was followed by some wonderful stretching after I got fully warmed up. Honestly I’m a little shocked that my flexibility is currently comparable to before the surgery that resulted in the stroke. My back has been so stif for so long it felt nothing short of amazing to be able to do a back bridge once again. Being the twisted individual that I am I think it’s fun being able to walk from a bridge up the wall to standing and vise versa, hopefully in the future I won’t need the wall anymore.

Spending a few hours on more fine motor skills today was a big success. Playing the organ is becomung smoother and less choppy thankfully so when I play things are sounding closer to what they’re supposed to. In regards to plating the guitar there’s been a vast increase in my finger strength because it’s getting way easier to play all of the chords. I’m loving the daily difference in my dexterity in all regards. I was also able to text accurately with the use of both thumbs for the first time in almost 3 years. 

I look forward to writing the night away as well, over the past few days I’ve been trying to wrote late into the night when I can’t sleep instead of binge watching a Netflix series and it’s proven beneficial. In trying this I have learned that my most productive writing time is in the evening/night, 7pm to 2am to be more precise. Life is great and it seems like every day is getting a little better, I truly wonder what amazing things are going to happen.

Until next time, 



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