New Year New Me?

Well apparently even emotionally I am a completely different person, I don’t think I was consecutively happy for any amount of days last year whereas currently I’ve been relatively ecstatic for the past four days.I’m already working on my goal of getting back into sewing, which also feels amazing.I think the daily one positive thing about myself was a great thing to start to turn over this new leaf.

Doing at least one thing a day that brings me joy seems to be going well so far and making a positive impact on day-to-day life. This could be anything from having a solo dance party with the music cranked when nobody is home to meditating. It must be working because I haven’t been this happy in several years. Writing the books is temporarily on the back burner, but it feels amazing to get into my old hobbies so that’s fine with me. I think I need this break because I can think or more clearly on the direction and flow of the books.

Honestly I’m extremely excited about the jacket that I’m currently working on. This is likely because I bought the fabric to sew it in  the year before the stroke and didn’t have the time to make it which turned into not having the dexterity to make it.The jacket is going to be made out of a suiting fabric that is about half way between midnight blue  and navy blue with a baby blue and white pin stripe in it. I’m going to line it with a bright red satin left over from another project, which will make it the most comfortable jacket I own. I haven’t decided on findings yet, but honestly I don’t think I have anything that would suit this particular jacket.

In regards to writing one positive thing about myself on a sticky not and putting it up on my door or wall It’s been beneficial in the way I view myself in just four days. Now when I walk past a mirror the only thing My mind focusses on is the positive thing I wrote down each day. Having a more positive body image has absolutely contributed to my elevated mood.

Until next time,




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