Happy New Year 

First off I’d like to start by wishing all of you guys a happy new year full of joy, happiness and prosperity. This year my biggest goals are to live authentically and to finish off my stroke recovery. To all my fellow creators, writers, and artists of any medium let’s make sure this is a year to remember due to all the positive things that happen. Let’s have a year of just embracing ourselves and growing whike not letting anyone stop you or break you down.

By Authentic I mean I’ve known for a really long time that I’m trans and have never had the guts to do anything about it. I would have dealt with this during my early teen years but that wasn’t a good idea while being a minor medical disaster. Now that I’m seizure free and almost recovered from that stroke things are falling into place. As You’ll notice that my pen name has changed now it’s a mix of my old pen name and my preferred first name. I will continue to write on  the same topics on this domain so you have no need to worry about me changing my blog up. 

These last few days I’ve got a few more muscles firing in my left side resulting in a spring in my step that has been missing for years. It’s a really amazing feeling when most of your body Works as it should once again. I find it funny how as soon as I figured my shit out and reached an internal happiness I haven’t felt since I was four years old, the movement of my recovering side all have become more natural and significantly easier. Apparently authenticity is more detrimental on the human body than ever before. Being true to myself I’ve never felt more of a euphoria than I do right now.


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