3 more days & 2016 is Over 

Thank goodness Christmas is over, I got dragged to a few more family events than I had anticipated. Three days later I’m still recovering. I didn’t get any writing done and i havent blogged in over a week. This year was a thorough reminder of why I don’t participate in the family festivities anymore. With the things I have planned over the coming year I’ve never been more excited for the new year to roll in than I am now. 

When I say still recovering I don’t mean from drinking too much. I’m recovering from being forced to eat food that leaves me sick for days afterwards. Having a long list of allergies and food sensativities leaves all traditional holiday foods off limits for the most part. If I had been left to stay home and fend for myself I wouldn’t have a whole paragraph on being sick over Christmas. Next year im going to stand my ground and hopefully spend those days with a good book.

Not writing or blogging in over a week has left me a little disconnected from one of my passions. With the addition stress this past week I haven’t had the energy. I’ve just been relaxing with lots of self care trying to get through my family’s Christmas. Despite not getting anything done I’m glad that I at least got through it and didn’t tell anyone off the whole time. I’m honestly a little proud, imagine a room of 7 people that are all hanging out despite the fact that they all openly dislike each other. 

In my plans of creating a better 2017 I’m happily putting my foot down around the holidays next year. In the joy of being an adult my family needs to  realize that if I don’t want to attend some family event I just won’t go. Some people in my life are definitely getting cut out due to the fact that they are always trying to change me and quite frankly I’m not ok woth that. I will continue to live my life as I see fit expressing myself however I feel like it. I’m living to make myself happy and not anyone else because  that’s what I need, also I might have an announcement for you guys within the next couple weeks.

Until next time, 




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