Getting Geared Up 

With the 24th being only a week away today was the day to get most of the holiday baking done. Despite the fact that I personally don’t celebrate christmas I still help grandma get her baking done because I’m the only grandchild. In order to get motivated to help with the baking I started the day off in the gym which was very helpful in getting my butt in gear. With all the food consumed around theholidays I always amp up my workouts because few things frus rate me more than getting off track of my training plan. Being the grumpy hermit I am I’m so excited for the holiday season to be over in 2 weeks.

Being the only grandchild I may use it a little to my advantage to modify the specific treats that’ll be made for the holidays to make sure my favorites are on the list. One downside is the fact that I’m needed every weekend between Halloween and Christmas for one reason or another. Thankfully having access to a complete home gym almost makes up for this. That and the dry sauna pretty much make up for it. This year all the baking has been on point so far, luckily nothing has gone wrong yet.

I had an amazing two hours in the gym so my day was started off perfectly. I did an hour of cardio followed by an hour of weights. With the food I consumed this week and the food I’m consuming next week it was time to double everything from my cardio to my reps and sets. For the first time in a couple years I had a morning workout that lead to a mid afternoon nap and it was glorious. We all love a good nap right! Honestly I was a litter frus rated because I just wanted to read a book I’m trying to get through.

Of course being a Grintch I’m excited than January first is just around the corner. I’m so sick of the Christmas music in stores when I shop as well as the panic that many people are in because they aren’t prepared for the holidays. This is probably a shock to you guys, but I wasn’t always this grumpy around the holidays. It was only after working in retail and in restaurants through the holidays for a few years. After the holiday season in those two industries I’ve been very anti Christmas.

Until next time,



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