One Down 35 ish To Go

Well the first section I needed to cover in the book is rewritten. So far I am loving the rewrite and I’m glad I decided to scrap the origion draft of the first three months in recovery. I will admit that the rewrite has been more difficult than the original, but well worth it. I’m Excited to see where the book goes now that it has a stronger start. Today I was also able to use not just both hands , but every finger in all of my typing. I’m ecstatic to say the least over these two acoplishments.

The rewrite has been a major pain in the butt, and took over a month before I could start to draft it. Once I got rolling again that first chapter developed fairly quickly thankfully.  The fact that I was ablle to type everything out with both hands is a miracle in itself. I have been waiting almost 35 months to be able to type decently with both hands. This would have been a nice skill to have wen I had to type out two or three college papers a week, but better late than never right.

Making my deadline for the draft of chapter one and typing it out with both hands really blew my mind. Maybe this Is a sign that I shouldn’t doubt myself as much as I do. With the right background music we can do anything we set our minds to. Today was a great day. There’s only one thing i would change and that is I wish dinner would make itself some days, wouldn’t that be great.

How was your day?



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