Here’s to Another Great Day

In keeping the positivity going today I started the day with a great session at the gym. I started with some nice cardio to get warmed up and followed with weights to try and equal out the muscle mass between my stroke side and my regular side. Which was followed by writing and drafting for one of the books and a visit From an Aunt. All in all it was a great day and the only thing I would change is that I wish I wasn’t “hangry” while writing this for you guys.

Nothing makes me happier than starting the day off in the gym. Finally I’m at the stage were I can lift more than I could before the stroke so I’m boarderline ecstatic. When doing cardio I get so into the zone that I’m basically in a sweaty meditative state. Thankfully even with no gyms close by I have access to a complete home gym to get all those endorphins going. I would say that in the last few weeks my arms and legs have started to be similar in size so I must be doing something right. I will admit I miss living a kilometer from an extensive trail system that I would run daily though.

Today I also got the semi- monthly visit from my crazy aunt, we all have one right! Technically she’s my great aunt and all my cousins are great cousins because my only uncle never had kids. Honestly I think most of my aunts are a little crazy ,but this one takes the cake with all her quirks. I enjoy my crazy family mainly because I don’t see most of them on a regular basis. I’m glad she came by today just as I needed a break from writing it was fairly convinient.

Until next time,



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