Hitch Two

Like many other people I struggle with this time of year so inevitably I’ve been taking more time for myself than I have been putting into the books or my blog. Finally this week I’m starting to feel a little better now that the pain has stopped. Today I was able to get caught up in my typing and move forward in brainstorming for later in the book. As some of you have read I have made a lot of physical progress lately, that doesn’t mean that everything is rainbows an unicorns. In fact it’s the opposite, being the perfectionist I am the more I recover the more I beat myself up on the inside.

The book was back on track until I had to type up my last writing streak. This took two weeks to actually get down to business and type it out. Part of me wants to blame this on not feeling well, but that’s an excuse so I think I need to go back to an old writing process. Now that I’ve got the first chapter restarted and well on route I think I’m going to skip the hand written drafts and just write on the computer for a while. Honestly I’m a little frustrated with myself even though I got it done.

I would also like to apologize to each and every one of the bloggers I follow. I’m sorry that these last couple weeks I haven’t been the best or most active follower. I’m  trying to get back in a rhythm of reading everybody’s posts every day, but It’s been difficult recently. It probably hasn’t helped that writing certain parts of this book has brought me straight to tears. After this week of mostly positives I hope I can get both my reading and my writing back on track.

Until next time,





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