Month 35 In Stroke Recovery

As  we come closer to the end of this stage I would like to mention my biggest advancements of the “month”. A few different pretty awesome things happened in this period. A few of these things were: Improved tracking, Individual finger movements, and the ability to game again. For the first time since taking my first steps after surgery My recovery progress has brought me glorious tears of joy. To say the least this month has been very rewarding to say the least and there could even be more progress, but I’ll write whatever else happens into month 36 for you guys.

The Improved tracking with my eyes has been very helpful for a couple different reasons. first off it has been significantly easier to see and secondly It has resulted in less injuries. I cannot count the amount of times I’ve walked into door frames just because of my lack of peripheral vision. There were even times at a job where i accidentally walked into one of the pillars at the end of an isle. Those moments were fairly embarrassing because normally my coworkers couldn’t tell that I had vision issues. Less injuries is definitely a bonus in my books.

Then there’s this new found ability to wiggle my fingers as well as move them independently. this has seriously enhanced my ability to type. Now that I can independently move each finger I have been using a finger strengthener for guitar players to increase my muscle mass. As I increase the mass the movements will have a larger range of motion and happen more often. Ideally I’d be up to 40  to 60 words per minute with my typing within a few months at this rate. More practically I can also open jars and cans more easily which is another added bonus.

With the ability to game again I get the chance to train both my hand and my eyes simultaneously. Finally for the first time in years Things are going great and I’m actually excited to get out of bed in the morning to see what new things I can do. At this point in the game every day is a new adventure and I’m never one !00% sure what will end up happening. Within my comfort zone each day I try new things in the hopes of recovering something new. I’ve been able to increase all of my weights and my resistances on both the treadmill and the elliptical as well. My strength and cardio have surpassed what they were before the stroke which I never expected.

Until next time,



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