Nineteen Going on Ninety 

Just as friends have said for years I’m similar to a grumpy old person. I’m stubborn, set in my ways, and love routine. It wasn’t until recently that I learned to embrace change. I imagine that the root of this is that I had struggled with unpredictable  issues for most of my life. Now that those have changed I’m just selectively social. Yes I’d definitely rather sray at home and do my own thing like work on the books or read a book. I’m definitely not one to do things spontaneously, I’d rather plan my activities and make sure I have everything I need. 

Most people find it strange that a nineteen year old like myself would rather do something productive than spend the night drinking at a bar. Yes I’ll admit that I’m a little different, but I have good reason. The more time I spend doing productive things the more likily I am to acomplish all of my goals. Also Like older folk I would rather spend time by myself than in groups. This leaves more opportunity to just be me. An evening with some editing followed by reading a book, watching a movie, or meditation is am ideal night for me. 

After The surgery in 2014 with the lack of peripheral vision and a change in mobility I had to make a lot of changes. It definitely change the way I did everything as well as the way I see life. I transformed from a bitchy epileptic kid to someone who can find the humor in most situations. I went from dark and dreary to slightly less dark and dreary wanting to experience as much as I possibly can in life. Most of the time I Don’t use My Blind cane to get around because I’ve adjusted quite well, but if I’m stressed or will be in a busy area I have to remember to bring it with me. Almost Three years in and I still find the combination of being adventurous and cautious at the same time.

Until next time, 




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