Keeping Things Interesting 

Early in my recovery I knew I was going to have to switch things up often to continue to actually do physio related things. Some of these things involve: 

  1. Pole fitness 
  2. Tae kwon do
  3. Drawing
  4. Handwriting 
  5. Crotcheting 

It was quite clear that once I stopped seeing progress doing physio and occupational therapy that I was going to have to get back into things that I actually do. Muscle memory is kins of a magical thing it seems that once I can get a muscle to “wake up” previous activities get picked up pretty quickly. 

At the beginning it was tae kwon do and pole fitness and at the beginning these were both great until I needed to increase lost muscle mass in order to see progress. I’m really glad that I went to these two things after stopping my more traditional physio and occupational. Personally it helped nerve regeneration significantly due to the fact that I was just reminding my body of an old activity instead of learning something completely new. 

Then there’s the adventure of trying to relearn how to both write and draw with my affected side. this has been one of my more interesting and rewarding tasks. this is one that still takes focus but is getting more precise and consistent over time. The drawing of objects and things has proven to be quite entertaining to say the least. I will be the first to admit that my non dominant hand has the artistic skills of a first grader.

My most recent quest in recovery is trying to relearn how to play the electronic organ and learning how to play guitar. Thankfully a couple years ago the organ I learned on was given to me as a gift so now I can use it whenever to try and regain dexterity. I’m also really lucky that I have family that can play the guitar so I can learn. Maybe after I get better at both of these I hope to eventually get back to playing the alto sax. It’s also a huge bonus that I’m only 19 years old I have ample time to get all the things acomplished that I desire 


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