2016 Recap 

In amongst the unfortunate things that happened this year a lot of great things happened for me as well. For starters it was a phenomenal year for paralysis recovery and nerve regeneration. This was a year where I pushed all my limits, discovered more of my authentic self, lost 30lbs and experienced life to the fullest.  A year that reinforced that it really is about the small things in life. Yes I’ll admit I dreaded a lot of this year, but I definitely came out ahead with all my personal growth and new experiences.

This year I regained so much of my fine motor skills in the stoke affected side that it no longer majorly impacts every day life. With all the regains movement I started jogging again and being more active resulting in losing the weight I packed on in the hospital after the stroke. Losing 30 pounds has brought back my level of confidence. There’s a lot to be said about how a person feels when they’re happy with how they look. With my increase in activity I also was able to ditch the sports tape and run completely unaided which I think is pretty amazing. I’m literally ready to tackle the world and chase those bigger dreams in the new year.

One of my bigger goals for this past year was to just do things that make me happy and that was a big success. From living on my own to starting writing a few different books. My favourite memories from this year would have to be seeing Dj Spinderella with salt n’ peppa live in concert. That night was phenomenal and definitely the highlight of my summer. I’m also super stoked that I was finally able to drop the weight honestly I wasn’t sure if I could do it. Thanks to jogging daily, getting back to pole fitness and lifting weights at a gym I did it. This year I made a lot of connections and made a lot of great memories so I couldn’t ask for more.


Goals Change

Each and every one of us changes at different points in life and so do our goals. I see this as a positive thing as we all grow as people. Recently even a lot of mine have changed as I no longer see any point in limiting myself or my life goals. Whether they are personal goals or life goals some of them can be circumstantial as we do need to modify them as times change. There’s no point in resenting the path your on, but instead just work with it until you can change it.

When I say that goals can be circumstantial I mean sometimes life gets in the way and our goals change. For example before my stroke my goals were way bigger and not limited by mobility issues like after the stroke. When life happens one needs to be able to roll with the punches. Now that I’m near the end of my recovery process my goals are a strange mix of the before and the after. It’s weird and wonderful the mix of studio goals and office goals. It’ll definitely lead to some difficult decisions in a couple of years when I go back to school.

If you have a dream go and chase it because even if it doesn’t work out. There’s nothing more you will regret on your death-bed then not pursuing your dreams. Yes I know this sounds a little morbid, but after spending time with some older people just around retirement age they all say the same thing. They wish they had pursued their dreams and not ended up in the careers that they are in. We can take control of where life takes us we just need to take the right steps. So get out there and hone those talents and chase those dreams.