Being The “Grinch”

Yes over the years I’ve become very Grinch like towards the holiday season and Christmas. I don’t like the consumerism side of the holidays and how now it is just about presents. When on my own I prefer to order in with some friend and maybe some wine. I would rather just spend time with loved ones with no presents at all. Last year if I hadn’t come home for Christmas I was going to order pizza and drink wine while having a Netflix marathon. Not gonna lie I was disappointed when this didn’t happen.

I think a lot of my dislike for the holidays stems from having to spend time with a bunch of people I neither like nor trust. I have also never had strong ties with any of my family that “family” feeling people talk about is something I’ve never experienced. I’m also totally fine with this I would way rather spend time in my own company than try to create pointless small talk with someone. I love being social with my people but none of my family fits into that category. Most workplaces have dreaded holiday parties and I avoid those too. If I wanted to hang out with coworkers outside of work I would, but not the whole crew of them in my free time.

I have no Issues being a Grinch It helps keep the Christmas enthusiasts away. I’m also that person that very few people can ever shop for so already years ago I said no gifts. Even living near most of my family I’ve declined all but one event invite. I can guarantee that there would be a heated argument with one of the drunks if I went so there’s no point. I also decline if the person only tries to keep in touch around the holidays. To all the people who enjoy the holidays power to them!


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